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CDR Concept

Filtering incoming files from external network environment using CDR
technology to transfer only the safe contents to the internal network.

Inflow of files from Internet/network connection, e-mail, USB, etc.

Inflow of malignant codes hidden in texts, images, tables, etc. in files.

Use document structure analysis method of CDR technology to filter and rearrange contents of the file.

Only transfer the rearranged document that contains safe contents only.

CDR Technology

Technology of removing malicious code hidden in visual contents such as text, image, graph and 
others within a document file extracting clean contents with guaranteed safety then and 
​reconstructing the document based on document structure analysis method. 

Format verification 
Structure analysis
Component extraction
Reconstruction verification 
1. Format verification 

​Extensions that are not supported after checking the format of the subject document are blocked
Even in case the document’s extension and the actual document format composition are different, it is not allowed in as it is judged to be a forged extension

2. Structure analysis  

In case the document structure differs from the general document form or contains abnormal contents, the abnormal contents are eliminated or the file itself is fundamentally blocked

3. Component extraction

Macro, Active X, Script, Embedded Object and others where malicious code within the document may be inserted are extracted and removed and in case contents extraction is not conducted normally, it is blocked 

4. Reconstruction verification 

Document is reconstructed only by using clean and safe contents without malicious code. 
Document file is reconstructed in the format that is equivalent to the original 

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