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Updated: Jan 21

Is it safe because it is separated from the network or operates a closed network? Even for equipment updates and patches, you will be connected to the outside world. This means that any threat can come in.

So what is the way to strengthen security of major national infrastructure? The National Security Technology Institute first developed a security kiosk in December 2017 and Softcamp introduced a commercial solution based on this technology, GateXcanner. It detects threats and manages all files incoming via storage media such as USB and CD. After vaccine inspection and verification of integrity by file type, only safe files are created on an optical CD and imported.

It provides high detection rate and reliability because it tests malicious codes with various vaccines. In response to APT attacks that the vaccine cannot detect, we have implemented malicious code harmless technology, namely CDR technology. There is no single security technology to stop the evolving hacker's attacks. Various security technologies, people, and processes must be properly coordinated. At this point of time, 'GateXcanner' will be a way to block incoming malware from entering the facility.

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