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Softcamp held SHIELDEX Seminar in Busan to expand CDR and supply chain security business

Updated: Jan 21

Softcamp held a 'SHIELDEX Seminar' at Lotte Hotel in Busan on July 10 and started to expand sales of CDR technology and supply chain security products.

At the Seminar, the company introduced CDR and a supply chain security system, a technology that preemptively responds to new malicious codes. Major topics were ▲ CDR technology and SHIELDEX introduction ▲ SHIELDEX introduction successful case presentation and technology demonstration ▲ Supply chain security plan and introduction of GateXcanner.

The seminar was attended by security personnel from various industries including financial institutions and corporations. Vice president Kim said, "It is impossible to prevent all potential threats, even if we use separated nets, and we need a system that can detoxify, monitor, and manage the documents or patch files that are essential for internal system operation." "We will continue to expand our CDR solution and supply chain security system sales network with our partners, and take the lead in the market." said CEO Bae.

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