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Softcamp accelerates new growth opportunities celebrating its 20th anniversary

Updated: Jan 21

The competition in the security market is intense compared to its size in South Korea. Nevertheless, the company has grown steadily with their own philosophy and strategy.

One of the key to 20 years of growth is 'History management'. So far, Softcamp has accumulated their customers' issues such as disability, requirements, and development response. With accurate records, Softcamp's security solution is developed to manage the source code so that the service support is close to perfection. CEO Bae emphasized that Softcamp will maximize these advantages and strive to develop new products ahead of changing markets.

As 5G and cloud are the most notable issues in the security market, the company has already prepared for them and will actively respond. Collaboration with AZTI is the first step to strengthen the cloud security business. With the goal of listing on the KOSDAQ, Softcamp plans to expand the market area from large companies to small and medium-sized companies, and overseas markets from Japan to America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

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