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Encryption essential for information security

Encryption technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Among them, the document security, especially DRM especially is the most widely known method which is the most fundamental corporate information leakage prevention solution.

Softcamp has been leading the Enterprise DRM market for 20 years with corporate document DRM to prevent internal information leakage. Document Security, a document DRM product, encrypts electronic documents created within companies and organizations to prevent sensitive information from leaking to the outside. It saves all life cycles from the creation of electronic documents to disposal and logs them in case of accidents. It provides an internal information leakage prevention solution that enhances accountability by tracking.

Existing document DRM enables detailed security management for each document, but it is difficult to manage complex and organically linked files such as CAD data. Softcamp devised the concept of area DRM based on internationally certified document DRM technology. It also provides security solutions for unstructured data such as design drawings, development sources, geographic information, and product design that are difficult to apply with existing document DRM methods.

Softcamp's S-Work, the area DRM product, is a solution that logically separates physical DISKs using a PC Virtualization Based Security solution and forms a virtual security workspace to implement application-level security. S-Work specializes in drawing design and program development that requires the complexity and collaboration of applications used in the enterprise, and is mainly applied in areas directly related to national competitiveness such as defense industry, automotive design, shipbuilding, special ships, application software development, and system programming.

The leakage of industrial confidential information is emerging as a risk factor that threatens the survival of the company by causing not only financial damage but also loss of the company's competitiveness, customer credibility, in-house and external collaboration. Softcamp's area DRM solution is the only technology in Korea that controls complex data files so that they can only be operated in the virtual security area, enabling companies that were insecure about security to prevent the leakage of information assets through the introduction of S-Work.

This year, Softcamp plans to launch enterprise products that can build data encryption systems in cloud environments. More than half of domestic large corporations with total assets of more than 10 trillion won are customers of the products, and in the domestic market, it is expected to enter the global cloud security market of Softcamp’s DRM products with proven product capabilities.

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