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2019 Annual Security User's Festival

Updated: Jan 21

Softcamp participated in the 2019 Annual Security User's Festival held at FKI(the Federation of the Korean Industries) Hall on the 6th. The Vice President of Sales Division presented a case for document security at Track A, about Efficient Response to Document-based Malware.

Annual Security User's Festival is an anti-hacking workshop, which marks its 23rd anniversary this year. Over 100 information security officers, academia, and related organizations propose issues that they want to discuss, and organize programs based on them to present corporate information protection activities, solution operation cases, and information security issues in new lecture formats every year.

Softcamp has attracted attention with the introduction of products and cases with leading technology as a leading cyber security company in Korea. In particular, Softcamp introduced SHIELDEX, a CDR-mounted solution, and GateXcanner, a supply chain security and external file and portable storage inspection system.

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