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Special Lecture of Cloud Security with journalist Kim

The spread of COVID-19 is more anxious than ever.

As the alert level rose to the highest level of critical warning last week, governments and private sectors are struggling to come up with measures. Many companies, including the IT industry, are adjusting their commute times and working for a while from home.

Softcamp also equip hand sanitizers and thermometers throughout the office, mandating the wearing of masks for all employees during business hours, and taking the lead in preventing infections.

In addition, the company immediately introduces and operates a multi-faceted support system such as step-by-step work at home, carpool expenses, and parking expenses.

Wish our day be quiet and return to normal routine.

Every Monday, Softcamp starts the week with a special meeting.

It also has a basic meeting purpose, but breaks from the conventional meeting culture and we share trends in the IT & security industry.

The first talk that began with an external speaker in 2020 was ‘Cloud Security’.

A journalist from Datanet, Kim Sun-ae visited Softcamp for a special lecture and spoke on the topic of cloud security.

Many companies are adopting the cloud because of cost reduction, ease of management and flexibility in usage but the issue of safety is endless.

The lecture was presented in the order of cloud adoption, threats of cloud-enabled companies, responsibilities and security strategies. In this talk, she emphasized that having a “Zero Trust” capability in particular is key to cloud security.

Zero Trust ignores the concept of ‘black-grey-white’ and assumes that everything is unreliable. It is a way of choosing only what you can trust and allowing only what has been assured of safety.

In addition, prior to adopting the cloud, companies emphasized that understanding of accountability models should come first.

When it comes to cloud adoption, thinking about both the security of cloud service providers and the security of customer responsibilities should be done. It was once again confirmed that building your own security architecture was just as important as securing the infrastructure of your cloud service provider.

In addition, there were lectures on cloud certification, CASB, SASE, etc., and after a long time, the lecture was finished with the topic of SECaaS.

SECaaS (Security-as-a-Service), a service that provides security solutions using the cloud, is an advantage of providing the security services that enterprises want without the need for additional equipment and personnel.

As there is no need to pay attention to maintenance and equipment management at a reasonable cost, demand is expected to increase in the future from the viewpoint of being suitable for small and medium-sized companies with insufficient security personnel.

This cloud talk was a great time entering the cloud era and working to respond to new security threats and challenges. Thank you again to reporter Kim for taking part in this day.

Companies that use the cloud need to understand the cloud services that are right for them and develop the right security strategy. Softcamp promises to make every effort to provide solutions that meet the needs of various customers by providing various services and product types that meet the trends.

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