SHIELDEX SaniTrans Mail

Mail Security Solution that conducts CDR on emails coming in from outside ,
enabling only safe mails and attachments to be allowed in 

CDR of mail context

Checks and removes
Script, Hyper Link, Linked Image 
within mail context
to reconstruct using safe contents only

CDR of attachment

Conducts CDR on files 
attached in the email and
reconstructs in the original format 
for attachment and 
delivers to the user 

Provides report on result

Provides the processed result of
CDR through banner in mail context Detailed information on
removal of malicious file and macro
​can be checked

SHIELDEX SaniTrans Net_Option 1​​

Network-connection file transmission system that reconstructs files
​coming in from network connection in a network-partition environment

Optimized to 
network partition environment

CDR of files coming in through
network connection  
Only safe files sent to the internal network 
Reinforces security of 
network partition environment 

Internal module applied 

Constituted of All-in-One product
equipped with internally
developed network connection module  
Maintains Internet partition status

Incoming procedure reinforced

Document files can only
come in after the approval of the admin
by linking with incoming document
approval system  
Prepares network connection 
security system ​

SHIELDEX SaniTrans Net_Option 2​​

One-stop automatic transfer solution that sanitizes and reconstructs after monitoring malicious document files in real time incoming from outside

Real-time folder monitoring

Monitors malicious files coming into the folder connected to an external network in real time and proceed CDR

One-stop auto transmission

Automatically sends the files to the internal designated folder one-stop without log-in and approval procedure, reinforcing user convenience

History management of external inflow file

Report on statistical material such as the current status of incoming files from outside, number of accumulation. Manages and responds to suspicious files


File encryption, Access control (IRM), Device control, Record management function, which are basic information leakage measures are implemented. It is an Information leakage prevention software excellent in operability and operation that realized usability.

Ensure confidentiality and availability of corporate information assets

Created on the user’s PC, Support confidentiality of stored files and compliance with security standards

Records management of document using

Collect encrypted document using information of creating, opening, editing, printing, sanitizing, etc. and monitor the file

Sanitization with CDR processing

SHIELDEX series interwork smoothly with CDR process

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