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Gartner's reference to 'CDR Solution Vendor'

SHIELDEX named as 'Content Transform Solution' vendor in Gartner’s research on

“Beyond Detection: 5 Core Security Patterns to Prevent Highly Evasive Attacks.”

You can't rely on traditional detection techniques to protect your data from advanced attacks.
Secure your data with SHIELDEX.

why shieldex


컴퓨터에 입력

Keep your core competencies for realizing business value before advanced cyber threats

  • According to Gartner, needs to introduce a specialized solution in the document is mentioned

  • More than 90% of APT attacks are document type attacks

  • Targeted and personalized attack toward the enterprise


Not all malware can be detected 100%

  • Optimization solution for document file type malicious code response

  • Not just cure but to removes malicious codes

  • Control documents on enterprise side before documents control companies

Protect your business with SHIELDEX

  • CDR technology based on 21 years of know-how

  • Remove abnormal format completely after detecting through document structure analysis

  • Meet a variety of compliance mandates

  • Support for various file formats


In a report published in November 2019, Gartner,

a global IT market research firm, presented

Moving Target Defense, Trust-Pass Filter, Remote Processing, Content Transform, 

and Containment as five key patterns to defend against highly evasive attacks.


Softcamp has been listed as a vendor of

Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR).
"5 Core Security Patterns to Protect Against Highly Evasive Attacks", Mario de Boer (2019.11)
key features

Key Features


Remove the source of the threat and bring it inside

  • Sanitizing e-mail / file contents solution

  • Check and remove Script, Hyper Link, Linked Image in mail body HTML to make it sanitized

  • File sanitizing and reconstructing attached to emails, and delivering in original format

Complement existing security methods

  • Existing pattern analysis method cannot detect new / variant malware

  • Potential threats can be removed from the source, then reassembled and brought in


Enhancement of network connection security system

  • Maintenance of internet separation by installing self-developed network interlocking module

  • Can be linked with the document import approval system according to the organization policy

  • When importing a document file, it can be imported after approval by the administrator

Conversion process for executable files

  • Run and regularly monitor in a virtual isolation environment after the conversion process of executable files

  • Block access to the core areas of the PC





  • Eliminate risks of all files

  • Effective prevention from targeted attacks and threats



  • Maintains business continuity with significantly improved analysis time over sandbox analytics

  • Maintain work productivity safely without any risk of user infection



  • CDR solution with 21 years know-how of document specialized company




Preemptive detection of threats in files downloaded from the Internet!

Desktop Application that securely isolate and view original documents.

  • SHIELDEX APP, Installation-type application, protects your PC's work environment with the following processes

    • Preemptive detection of threats in files downloaded from the Internet

    • Reading downloaded documents in isolated environment (Preview function)

    • Provide a secure, sanitized (CDR-ed) document (able to download)

  • The SHIELDEX App's core technology, Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR), is a new APT response technology mentioned in Gartner in 2016, that does not rely on conventional passive detection methods, but enables proactive threat elimination from potential threats to provide fundamental defense. Prior to Gartner's introduction in 2013, we have been a market leader in providing SHIELDEX CDR solutions.



SHIELDEX SaniTrans Net

  • SHIELDEX SaniTrans Net (STN) reconstructs and imports files from the external network as safe files.

    • Optimized for network separation (Sanitize and reconfigured files flowing through the network; enhanced security of network isolation) 

    • Introduce self-monitoring modules (Composed of all-in-One products when equipped with self-developed network-linked modules, maintaining internet isolation)  

    • Strengthening the network security system (Interlink with the document import approval system. When importing document files, they can be brought in after approval from the manager) 

  • Strengthen the system that can proactively respond to various malicious codes by introducing SHIELDEX SaniTrans Net (STN) specialized for network separation environments.

Network-linked CDR solution that takes files flowing from an external Internet network

to an in-company network into a safe file after being sanitized(CDR-ed).

SHIELDEX SaniTrans Mail

Email-linked CDR solution that only receives secure content by sanitizing mail body and attachments.

  • SHIELDEX SaniTrans Mail (STM) eliminates all potential threats to the body of mail and attachments through CDR processing of email content that being ranked No.1 in the distribution path of malware.

    • CDR the body of mail (Check Script, Hyper Link, Linked Image in HTML in the body of mail) ​

    • CDR the attachment files (Disarm and reconstruct the attached file in the original format)

    • Provide result reports (Provide sanitize processing results, check details such as malicious files and macro removal) ​​

  • Respond to advanced/intelligent email security threats such as ransomware and Zero-Day attacks  with the introduction of SHIELDEX SaniTrans Mail(STM) that complements the limitations of existing security solutions.

SHIELDEX Remote Browser

Remote Browser isolation solution that enables 'Zero Trust' by isolating all resources 

from any potential threats that may encounter in a Remote Browser.


SHIELDEX Remote Browser

  • SHIELDEX Remote Browser Isolation provides only secure content by isolating everything on the Internet with extreme 'Zero Trust' against targeted attacks via a Remote browser.  

    • Ensures 99% best consistency with renderings as they are, not browser-specific source analysis

    • Preemptive technology update is possible based on an instantaneous core engine rather than browser-specific response. 

    • Provide reports that allow administrators to trace back/pattern analysis of users' Internet usage 

  • Visual streaming method through unit changes rather than source changes provides the same screen, quality, and speed as the original 100%.

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